Group counselling / psychotherapy

Group counselling / psychotherapy with bodywork integration

In this work I integrate group counselling / psychotherapy with body awareness and for some spiritual consciousness.

The group is for people who want to:

  • Have better understanding of themselves
  • Become more emotionally aware, expressive and resilient
  • Identify emotional blocking styles and how to move through them
  • Understand self perception and how others see you
  • Be curious about spirituality, what this means to you and how it may serve

The minimum commitment for membership is to attend fortnightly, for a school term. Group meets on Saturday mornings between 9.30am and 12pm. The group is ongoing only breaking for school holidays, and members can be a part of the group for as long as they choose. There is a group contract which outlines what is expected of members and what can be expected of the facilitators.

The group counselling / psychotherapy aspect of the work will include psychodrama actions methods. For many this discipline will mean nothing so I’ll explain a little more. The protagonist (group member working) can ask other people in the group to play roles in a scene from their life. This may be concerning past or current issues. A re-enactment will allow exploration, and deeper insight into life events, seeing old problems in new ways, or to express feelings. Previously unacknowledged or unprocessed emotions may appear and the group provides a safe setting to express them fully if desired.

As the protagonist does their work this may well summon feelings for those that witness the work, they might relate the scene to a time in their life. Opportunity is given for group members to share their experiences of what they’ve seen, or been a part of, and how this touches them.

There is no requirement to have any kind of acting skills. If there is an invitation to play a role in a scene, this can be accepted or refused. Group members can say yes or no to anything. If you have a willingness to self examine through group process, this group may well be the right setting for you.

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