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Michael Batkin Counsellor in Stoke on Trent / the professional

Hello, let me take this opportunity to tell you a little about my experience of being a Counsellor in Stoke on Trent, and further afield.

My career in helping services started 23 years ago. For the past 9 years I have been practising solely as a private counsellor in Stoke on Trent. During the 5 years before this I worked for the Priory moving between its Nottingham, London and Birmingham sites.

I offer a private and professional service, working in the Longton area of the city. My counselling room is warm and inviting, with large roof windows flooding the space with natural light.

It has always felt very important for me to embrace continuing professional development. Visit my training & qualifications page to learn more. As part of my recent CPD, I completed a four year course requiring me to spend time in New York each year. For the duration of the course I also needed to be engaged in my own personal therapy. This may give an indication to my practice commitment and the value I place on effective talking therapies.

Michael Batkin Counsellor in Stoke on Trent / journey to the professional

My working career started when I joined the army aged sixteen years old. This wasn’t a profession that was to last, ultimately it didn’t seem to ‘fit’. I left the military aged twenty one years old shortly after experiencing active service in the first Gulf war. Adjustment to civilian life was difficult, I felt lost. The use of alcohol and drugs became the main behaviour that I adopted to manage my lack of direction, and absence of a sense of purpose. I became more and more lost.

Aged 29 I went into rehab where I spent seven months. The use of chemicals was but a symptom of more fundamental underlying issues which I started to explore, this is where my self examination started.

Post rehab my career journey into helping services began, 23 years on this ‘fits’ very comfortably. I continue to be passionate about self examination for myself and others wishing to learn a greater understanding and discipline over themselves.

My accreditation is with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists http://www.bacpregister.org.uk/check_register/

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Michael Batkin Counsellor in Stoke on Trent BACP registration and accreditation