Anger management counselling

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Both anger and fear are primitive emotions that we need to survive. Anger can be a natural response to a multitude of stimuli. Being angry isn’t necessarily a problem if expressed constructively.

However it can be powerful and destructive if it isn’t managed in a healthy way. Anger that manifests as aggression or violence is frightening and harmful to the people around us, particularly children. This has detrimental effects on our relationships with others, can affect self-worth and may bring us into contact with the criminal justice system. Suppressed anger that causes passive aggressive behaviour, is also uncomfortable for those around us.

Reasons for anger may include:

  • Facing a threat to ourselves or our loved ones
  • Someone going against a principle that we consider important
  • A surge of repressed past anger that has been evoked
  • Injustice towards our self or others
  • Being humiliated
  • Not feeling heard
  • Feeling rejected
  • Not feeling in control
  • Feeling disappointed by someone else or in ourselves
  • Feeling disrespected
  • losing out when money is at stake
  • Having our property mistreated
  • Anger from being involved in or witnessing a traumatic event

Anger management / anger counselling

Anger counselling has a wider implication than anger management. Strategies to help minimise inappropriate outbursts of anger are important interventions, forming part of my work. Anger counselling in the way that I view it, is also about searching for the angers true source. In my approach, it is fundamental to identify and express anger that we hold in true context. This may be anger to towards current or recent life events, or more deep seated resentment from the past. Working with repressed historic anger is important, as not to put it where it doesn’t belong in the present.

Without an ability to express anger in a safe and constructive way this may lead to: Depression, anxiety, sleep issues, addiction, eating disorders, compulsive behaviour or self-harm. Inappropriate expression of our anger may leave us with feelings of guilt and shame.

If you feel that your anger has a negative impact on your life and that of your loved ones, Anger management counselling may be for you..