Addiction counselling

addiction counsellingHello, my name is Michael Batkin. Welcome to my web page addiction counselling. Please also visit my home page. Here you can learn more about my approach and other specialist counselling interests.

I’ve spent a number of years working in addiction counselling as a specialism. This includes seven years working at the Priory with addictive behaviour.

Most often I see addiction as a form of escapism, either from current issues or issues of the past.  During addiction counselling there tends to be a duality in the way that I work. To work on here and now strategy to gain or maintain recovery. Also to identify and explore, underpinning issues that influence the driving energy  fuelling addictive behaviour. During my fifteen years in helping services, I have worked with a myriad of concerns that people have as part of being human.

Addictive behaviour can show in many forms, for example:

Alcohol addiction

Gambling addiction

Drug addiction

prescribed drug addiction

compulsive eating

As a former senior counsellor at the Priory I have much experience of working with these issues.

Addiction counselling

To engage in addiction counselling doesn’t only mean that there has to be a dependency issue. If you feel that you are developing a problematic use of a chemical or behaviour, it can be wise to seek support before an escalation occurs.

Beginning the process can be scary, when contemplating letting go of often well-established behaviour patterns. My approach is to be sensitive to people’s fears, working at your pace and toward your objectives.

Working with the family and others who are affected by someone’s dependency, is something that I also have much experience of. It can be a truly desperate, painful, frustrating and frightening experience to watch someone that you care for in addiction. Counselling can help to process your challenging feelings. It can also help you to understand what help is and what it isn’t. Inappropriate ‘help’ may support and collude your loved ones addictive behaviour.

If you are seeking drug, alcohol, gambling, overeating or sex addiction counselling in Stoke-on-Trent please feel free to contact me. This can be done by telephone call, email or text.

If you feel that residential rehabilitation may be better suited to your recovery needs follow this Public Health England link 

“I count him braver who conquers his desires than him who conquers his enemies for the hardest victory is over self”. Aristotle